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The main goal of every business is making a greater profit out of the same or even less marketing budget. Sometimes it seems ideal or even unreal, but in the right hands and with the right tools it is more than possible.

In other words, with the right strategy benefits will increase so the company could stand on the safe ground, just collecting goods they deserve from hard work. Apart from the hard-working, the emphasis is on smart working! Sometimes businesses need a little push in the right way. For that matter, it is important to find a team of professionals who understand the niche, have the experience, high quality and tested methods that work. And in return that means no money is wasted, campaigns and advertising bring more good than what was invested and companies get great value for money. Now, thats a good job!

Our projects have 100% positive results in sales and had brought success in all cases. We have experience in more than 20 niches and had made campaigns on all continents. We truly stand for the fact that believing in what you do is the key to success. And also, we strongly believe that in the sea of fierce competition - numbers are the thing that really matters!

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Marin Zlatarić, CEO

Making Profit out of Advertising

It is nice to generate clicks and traffic, but unfortunately, that doesn’t bring profit. Why not try focusing on creating sales funnel designed and personalized for your business. This procedure brings conversion rate optimization and turns $1 into $3.That is exactly what Aureus Digital strives for!

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How we do it?


First of all, we get to know everything about your business that will serve our actions. Secondly, we have to get to know about your competition and research the key group of customers, the so-called target market. After that, based on your briefing, we design a tailor-made digital strategy perfectly adapted to your business model.

Communication has the great power in our relationship, so be free to tell us everything about what you expect, what are your desires from sales and what branding strategy you think would be appropriate. We listen to you, we understand you and we know solutions. Everything we conclude is helping us to set a unique set of actions for your business. Through this, we get to know the nature of your business, but most importantly, we get to know you and your expectations and vision. In many cases, clients have mentioned it as the biggest advantage and the reason why they keep working with us after the tiral period.

We have generated over $100 million in sales with the 5 unbelievably powerful strategies outlined

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Aureus Digital is made of highly professional digital strategists, trainers and Google Digitalizers who understand that market race is tough these days. We will do everything to make your business stand out in a bunch of other offers. Taking our time and using our knowledge we will find the right way for your business. We look it up from every angle and use the information from the first hand to figure out what your target customers like and want.

The goal is setting a strong ground that will accumulate profit long term. Our tool for that is making a system that really works and you can count on.

In more than 10 years of our experience, we’ve seen it all! From cross channel campaigns to complete strategy creation and cooperations with the strongest international brands in the tourism, cosmetics, eco-commerce, etc.

Our creative strategies are always based on a sales funnel tailored to each client and every audience. For us, it is most important to focus on conversion optimization, the achievement of KPIs, customer satisfaction and long-term relationship. No more wrong decisions and money wasting. We have what will launch you among the most successful in your industry.

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The main goal of every business is making a greater profit out of the same or evenless marketing budget. Sometimes it seems ideal or even unreal, but in the right handsand with the right tools it is more than possible

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