Digital marketing is a broad term and encompasses a wide range of industries. In today’s digital age it can be very useful in every branch.

Thanks to world digitalization of the 21st century, digital marketing has proven to be more successful and more effective than traditional marketing. It allows greater ability to monitor campaign performance and a cheaper promotion. The channels that make digital marketing, and are also the main tools of business for a digital agency are:

  • Web pages
  • social networks
  • banners
  • email marketing
  • mobile marketing
  • search engine optimization (SEO) and everything else on a digital basis.

Judging by the selected industry and the audience we are addressing, it is important to choose a tool or more tools to successfully get to the goal that is set. The goal is usually considered as increasing sales, but also to others such as strengthening the brand, positioning the product, and many more.

When it comes to dentistry or any other type of healthcare service, it is about increasing the number of patients and building a community that will have to achieve patients trust in the chosen health care institution. Can digital marketing really generate more patients? Sure, and for that purpose, 4 things can be of great benefit.


The Web site is most often the first step in the digital marketing world. Any serious business, service or product delivery in today’s can hardly work without an adequate web site. It must provide at least basic information about services, contacts, and more. It must also be clear, transparent, quality and authentic. In dentistry, it is important to get closer to the patient in order to gain confidence in the expertise and quality of the service. As with all forms of health marketing, information must be credible, without exaggerating and must offer a solution.

According to research results, users of health services have responded that they usually spend approximately twenty minutes on the site of a selected doctor in order to see his picture, which gives them psychological feelings on the well-known terrain as most people are afraid of a dentist.

Another but not least important thing to do is read reviews and comments from other patients who have already had experience with a doctor / healthcare provider. It is therefore important that the page contains the presentation of each individual employee and his / her competence. Further, listed and described all the services provided as well as the contact form through which future service users have the possibility to apply for their arrival.

In addition to all the above, it is important to pay close attention to the content, structure of the text, the speed of the web site, and make sure to adapt their use to all devices. If it works well, it will produce results. In other words, once the reader and the potential user of the service go to the site, meet the offer and read all the relevant information, the ultimate goal is to bring them to the contact form to become users of dental services. Also, it is ideal to make a Landing page for each service to with offer and contact form.


Once a decision is made on what a target group is, with the help of digital marketing, one can reach anyone, anywhere and anytime. It is important to ask who the target group is and how to determine it. During long years of work, dentists know the profile of their patients. The first important thing is to know their services, and secondly to know whom the ad is addressed. For example, a person who is 60 years old will rarely be prone to teeth whitening, exactly like a person who is 20 years old will rarely be interested in putting dental implants. The magic lies in the fact that if the target group is hit, the patient sees the offer and thinks: “This is exactly what I am currently looking for as if it was tailored just for me.” And it must be just for them. In a wise way.


The power of content or content is immeasurable. At the present time, a lot of content can be found on the Internet, sometimes mostly irrelevant, and users must be the ones who will filter and choose what they think they are interested in. In order to reach the target audience, content creators must have the power to attract and keep them. A kind of filter can be achieved by selecting keywords that people would most likely search for. This allows greater visibility on the web and faster reader access to the text that is being written. Search engine optimization, or SEO, will enable better positions on search engines, after which the patient will no longer be able to ignore the content or invest too much effort to get information. The content is also the most important tool for getting the patient’s affection and trust. Choosing a good tone of voice, the way they address them is partly a philosophy and part of psychology. To find out what the patient interest is about and what is the purpose of his quest is only possible if you walk in his shoes. Everyone was in a position to list the symptoms he feels in Google, but if he finds an article that can help him and respond to what he is interested in, there is a great chance that the dentist has already gained his trust. Writing blog posts and articles on topics that are common by most people or are informative can serve as a good way to bring the patient to the site.


In recent years, Facebook has become very popular since millions of people spend a significant amount of time on social networks. The concept of dentistry and Facebook is unusual for many to see in the same sentence. Seems like these two terms are contradictory, but actually they are not. Facebook is creating a community, allowing exchanging experiences, and getting the opportunity of two-way and fast communication with patients. In a fun and educational way, dentists have the opportunity to tell a story about their knowledge, experience, to give advice and answers to common patients problems.

As far as social networks are concerned in general, patient communication must be tailored to each platform in a different way. With simple and warm communication, dentists will maybe give the patient the power to appear in the clinic and leave outside the fear that most of them have.

As far as Facebook Ads are concerned, it is possible through the settings to reach a specific audience that could make the first step towards a new smile! In this way it is possible to achieve decisive results from month to month in the form of queries for dental services. Users can be old or new patients.


With Facebook, Instagram is the second most popular social network that help to increase the number of patients. Though they have the same goal, use the same tone of voice, they are completely different. While Facebook is an informative and sales character, Instagram serves to build and strengthen the brand. It allows approaching patients in a fun and relaxed way and can provide an insight into a daily good atmosphere in the clinic.


This is really useful. Like a recommendation you hear from friends but online. When deciding on the use of the service, nine out of ten patients will search for opinions of other patients who have already gone through the experience with the clinic. Google Review can be your best friend because, on the basis of the praise, users can create a positive opinion before they visit the clinic, and this can only further strengthen their decision on arrival. But cautiously, nowadays nothing can be hidden and everything is transparent, so bad comments are possible and they can ruin all the effort. Patients should be encouraged to leave the online review, and in the clinic, efforts should be made to avoid bad comments and misunderstandings online.

Does digital marketing really work?

Appropriate digital channels combined with the understanding of their users can safely lead to an increase in numbers. They are made for creating a larger patient base and greater profit concentration. Digital marketing can be tailored to every type of business and to every branch, there lays all the beauty of digital advertising. With certainty, it can be said that in today’s world digital marketing is the most cost-effective channel of advertising. It is therefore important not to look at marketing as an expenditure, but as an investment that will pay off multiple times.

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